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Tom Cruise Takes James Corden Skydiving

James Corden Learned the Hard Way When Tom Cruise Dares You to Go Skydiving, You Do It

Today we learned that when Tom Cruise dares you to go skydiving, and you accept, he is 100 percent going to hold you to that dare. James Corden learned this the hard way, and it's more entertaining than we ever imagined.

Tom stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden on Wednesday to discuss his upcoming role in Mission: Impossible - Fallout and brought up the challenges he had with a skydiving technique called a "halo" dive. James decided to question the difficulty of the dive, after Tom said it took him 106 jumps to perfect, so naturally Tom said, "if it's so easy you can come with me." And that's exactly what he did.

In a very entertaining video, we follow James journey, as he quickly learns that jumping out of a plane isn't necessarily as easy as it looks. We also learn that Tom is even cooler when jumping out of a plane. Make sure you watch until the end for James's landing!

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