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Tom Hanks or Bill Murray Picture

Important Poll: Is This Photo of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?!

He met Bill Murray. Submitted by: Laura R. Location: St. Andrew’s, Scotland

Posted by Reasons My Son Is Crying on Sunday, May 19, 2013

In May 2013, Laura DiMichele-Ross posted a photo of her child to the Facebook group "Reasons My Son Is Crying." She captioned the photo of her screaming son, "He met Bill Murray," and though Laura assured commenters that the man in the photo was indeed the legendary actor, many people thought (and still think) that she and her son may have actually encountered Tom Hanks. Yes, more than three years later, the Internet is still locked in a battle over whether the man in the orange jacket and hat is America's Fun Uncle Bill Murray or America's Goofy Dad Tom Hanks. Tell us below: Is this photo of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

Did This Baby Meet Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?
Tom Hanks
Bill Murray
Image Sources: Getty / Franco Origlia and Getty / Andrew Toth
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