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Tom Hanks Gets Reunited With His Beloved BFF, Wilson the Volleyball

Tom Hanks was just minding his own business, trying to enjoy the New York Rangers hockey game at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, when all of a sudden he popped up on the Jumbotron and experienced the reunion of a lifetime. As he was waving to fans in the stands, someone off screen tossed the Oscar-winning actor a replica of his old friend and Cast Away costar Wilson the volleyball. Both Hanks and Wilson were all smiles as the crowd cheered and began chanting, "Let's go, Rangers!" The last time we saw Wilson and Tom Hanks together was in a heartrending scene from the 2000 film, in which Hanks's character and his beloved inanimate friend are separated during a nasty storm. In case you forgot, Hanks plays a FedEx employee who survives a plane crash and spends years on a deserted island, where he turns a Wilson-brand volleyball into a companion. Watch the cute reunion above now.

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