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Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch Video From 2007

You'll Want to Watch This 12-Year-Old Video of Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch Again and Again

When we stumbled across this brilliant old video of actor pals Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch before they hit the big time, there was absolutely no way we were keeping it to ourselves. The video flashes back over a decade, to 2007, before all of their media training, fancy outfits, and growing families. It introduces a pair of funny, slightly nervous up-and-coming actors having a chat in a pub garden. We were already quite in love with Tom Hardy before we saw the video, but things have escalated even more following this, and don't get us started on how cute and awkward Benedict is. In the clip, the pair rib each other, crack jokes, and make a vain attempt to explain the plot of their TV film Stuart: A Life Backwards.

Though they already seem pretty comfortable together, this was actually their first ever acting project together, and it was another four years before they'd work together again, on the big-budget remake of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Somehow the pair look even better 10 years on, and we cannot wait for them to work together again. Come on Tom, have your people talk to Benedict's people? We cannot possibly wait another decade for this sort of onscreen magic to happen again.

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