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Tom Hiddleston and Ruth Wilson in Suburban Shootout

Ruth Wilson Was Checking Out the #Hiddlesbum 10 Years Before You Were

You may consider yourself a Loki-lover, an admirer of Tom Hiddleston's classic looks, and even an appreciator of the #Hiddlesbum, but you certainly weren't the first on the scene. Flashback to 2006, and it was Ruth Wilson's "Jewel Diamond" checking out a young, curly-haired Hiddleston on the Channel 5 show Suburban Shootout.

The show, which centred around two rival housewife gangs led by Anna Chancellor and Amelia Bullmore, aired in the US on Oxygen and Germany's Comedy Central until 2007.
Watch the nostalgic clip above, and then check out the following, much saucier, scenes where Tom tries to propose the idea of an "eco-friendly love pod". In case you wondered, Tom, we say yes. And these celebrities probably would too.

Image Sources: Getty and Channel 5
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