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Trailer For Steve Coogan In Hamlet 2

Pop Poll: Hamlet 2 – Funny Or Lame?

So Steve Coogan stars in the American comedy film Hamlet 2, as a high school drama teacher looking to motivate his students and save his department by writing a sequel to Shakespeare's "Hamlet". A sequel?! To Hamlet?! Hmm. I can think of a couple of problems there...

So, on one hand it really shouldn't work. But on the other, I really couldn't help but giggle, especially at the songs. This movie created quite a bit of buzz at Sundance ending up being sold for $10million (one of the biggest deals ever done at the film festival), and is out in August in the US. UK dates are unavailable as yet, but here's the trailer for you to take a look at.

Warning: This trailer is NSFW.


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