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Victoria Beckham Calls Brooklyn Her Uber Driver

Victoria Beckham's Tattoo-Covered "Uber Driver" Looks Pretty Familiar

Victoria Beckham continued her reign as the funniest person on Instagram on Tuesday, when she poked fun at her eldest son Brooklyn by calling him her Uber driver. "Contemplating how to rate today's Uber drive," she joked, posting a sweet photo of the pair in a car. A shirtless Brooklyn posed at the wheel, clearly roped in to giving her a ride somewhere. It's usually the parents who end up being a free taxi service for their kids, but the Beckham family has clearly turned the tables!

In the pic, Brooklyn took the opportunity to show off his growing collection of tattoos, though the most fitting one, a heart with "mum" on it that he got in Victoria's honour, wasn't visible. We didn't need ink to see the love between these two, though!

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