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This Video of Harry Styles Approaching Taylor Swift Raises So Many Questions

Things might get a little awkward when you run into an ex you basically wrote an entire album about, but Taylor Swift seems to have figured out the perfect way of dealing with that sort of situation: merely texting. It looks like that's what happened when she and Harry Styles hung out with a group of mutual friends in LA on Wednesday. According to TMZ, Harry was the one who made the effort, approaching Taylor and her friends for a chat inside the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood, CA. However, the clip raises more questions than it provides answers. For one, we don't see Taylor notice Harry. What if she didn't even know he was in the room as she was catching up with a pal on her phone? Taylor has a lot of famous friends, so this is definitely a possibility. Second, Taylor could have been texting Harry for all we know. He could have been meeting her there! Draw your own conclusions when you check out the clip above, and then watch even more viral videos.

Image Source: TMZ
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