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Video and Pictures of Robert Pattinson on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Talking Girl Advice From His Dad Ahead of Father's Day

Robert Pattinson Shares Girl Advice From His Dad With Leno

Robert Pattinson chatted with Jay Leno about how to handle women on The Tonight Show yesterday. The Twilight star shared emails with tips from from his dad ahead of Father's Day this weekend. He appeared with several Eclipse costars on Jimmy Kimmel the day before, and was joined by Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner for a fan event at the weekend. This time he was riding solo, just like on The Today Show where he talked about marriage. His fellow guest Emma Roberts revealed she's Team Jacob, but Rob's number one in your eyes as, for a second year running, he has taken top position on our PopSugar 100!



To watch Robert's interview, just read more.

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