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Video of Robert Pattinson on The Today Show for Remember Me

Robert Pattinson Visits The Today Show Before Tonight's Premiere!

Robert Pattinson and his facial scruff paid a visit to The Today Show this morning in NYC to talk about Remember Me before its release this Friday. He opened up to Matt Lauer about how difficult it's been transitioning from using all the standard answers he'd used while promoting New Moon to thinking of new and clever responses about his most recent film. They did touch on the Twilight series, with Rob saying he'd be happy to work on it for a while longer — wonder if that's because he'd get to spend more time with a certain someone? Matt couldn't help getting in one question about Rob's racy Details spread. Rob joked, "I offered to do a naked photo shoot, and no one wanted to see it. It started off with me naked, but then they're just like, 'Actually just, forget it.'" Hard to imagine that was the case, but Robert will be fully clothed this evening for his movie's big NYC premiere — PopUS will be there live on the red carpet and tweeting the whole time, so make sure to check back!

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