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Videos Of The Finalists of Britain's Got Talent 2009, Hollie Steele and Aiden Davis. Do They Deserve Their Places In The Final

Britain's Got Talent Finalists: Aiden Davis and Hollie Steele

Yesterday was the last semi-final of Britain's Got Talent, with the absolutely fantastic young dancer Aiden Davis deservedly getting the public vote, and nervous young singer Hollie Steele getting the judges' nod to go through to tonight's big final! Other acts that performed were cuddly dancers The Dreambears, singing family Good Evans, juggler Luke Clements, singer and guitarist Mark Matcham, dance troupe DCD Seniors and soprano Greg Pritchard. It was an emotional night as young Hollie's nerves got the better of her and she had to stop her song, but Simon stepped in and demanded that she should be given a second chance. Check out the Aiden and Hollie's performances below and let me know if you think they deserve their places in the final!

Don't forget to check back over all the performances of the Britain's Got Talent finalists before tonight's show! To see Hollie's first and second attempt, plus Simon putting his foot down so she got her second chance, just read more.

Hollie's first attempt:

Hollie's second attempt:

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