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Voice From the Stone Movie Trailer

The Final Few Seconds of the Voice From the Stone Trailer Will Give You Nightmares

Emilia Clarke has seen her fair share of nastiness on the set of Game of Thrones (remember that horse heart?), but her new horror flick looks like it's truly the stuff of nightmares. She stars in Voice From the Stone, an adaptation of Silvio Raffo's novel, as a nurse hired to help young Jakob (Edward Dring) in 1950s Tuscany who hasn't spoken since his mother died a year earlier. As she grows closer to the boy's father (Marton Csokas) and begins to unravel the real reason why Jakob won't speak, she discovers something supernatural might be at work. The trailer has a few of its own minor jump scares, and the final few seconds will leave anyone with claustrophobia gasping for breath.

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