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Watch Amelle Berrabah Talk About Going to a Clinic For Exhaustion and Perform About a Girl With Sugababes on GMTV

Amelle Is Absolutely Better and Back With Sugababes

Amelle Berrabah has spoken for the first time about her three-week stay in an Austrian clinic after being diagnosed with nervous exhaustion last month. She joined her band mates Heidi Range and Jade Ewen on GMTV to perform on television for the first time as a new line-up and the trio sang their single "About A Girl". Amelle told Andrew Castle she is "absolutely better" and Heidi also explained why Keisha Buchanan left the group. Here are the highlights:

  • Amelle on going to a clinic: "I just got to the point — it was very difficult for me and Heidi from the other line-up. Basically, I just needed to get away and just shut off and just take a new look. And — I don't know — just sort my head out basically. I feel really good, and we're just getting on with things and it's a really exciting time for us."
  • Heidi on Keisha's exit: "It got to a point where it wasn't working. We really did try for so long, and you know — I just think life's too short to be feeling like that — and we just couldn't make it work. I feel that myself and Amelle made the right decision morally, and our label stood by us and our management."

Watch the full interview above, and to see the girls perform "About a Girl" just read more.

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