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Watch the Cheeky Cate Blanchett Interview Everyone Is Talking About

Source: Twitter user hyla

Cate Blanchett appeared to have lost her cool during an interview with television host Jonathan Hyla, but he has since set the record straight. The actress was promoting her film Cinderella when the conversation quickly turned to beers and cats on leashes. Cate seemed annoyed at one point, saying, "That's your f*cking question? Nice to meet you," before getting up and leaving. The cringeworthy interview left everyone wondering what happened, but the host later revealed that he and Cate were just joking around. He even shared a hilarious mashup of the interview's most awkward moments and the full uncut version to show the pair's humour. In the beginning of the interview, Jonathan says, "I've been doing this for a long time and I never had the pleasure of interviewing you," and Cate cheekily responds, "That's because I keep saying no." Watch the two banter back and forth, and then see why Cate is the best part of Cinderella.

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