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Watch Dolly Rockers "Je Suis Une Dolly" Video

Dolly Rockers' "Je Suis Une Dolly" — Spin It or Sling It?

New girlband Dolly Rockers have been getting big love from Scott Mills on Radio One, so much so that they have decided to bring forward the release of their debut single "Je Suis Une Dolly". The trio appeared on The X Factor in 2006 and they're already impressing the critics. They're playing Hoxton Bar & Grill tomorrow followed by a tour of Butlins holiday camps, Pride events, nightclub appearances, and more London gigs. Their first fully commercially-released single will be out on 27 July, but for now you can download this track for free from the girls' website between now and Friday. Check out the video below, where the girls dance through the London Underground, and let me know: will you spin it, or sling it?

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