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Watch Letters to Juliet Trailer Starring Amanda Seyfried, Gael Garcia Bernal, Vanessa Redgrave, Christopher Egan

Letters to Juliet — See It or Skip It?

Letters to Juliet stars Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, who takes a pre-wedding trip to Verona with her fiancé (Gael Garcia Bernal) when she finds a wall full of letters asking for love advice from Shakespeare's Juliet. The secretaries of Juliet respond to every note but they missed one from 1957. When the author of that letter Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) arrives with her grandson (Christopher Egan), Sophie gets caught up the quest to find Claire’s long-lost love. It is directed by Gary 13 Going on 30 Winick and will be released in the UK on 9 June, so check out the trailer and vote to let me know: will you see it or skip it?

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