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Watch Video Of James Franco and Danny Boyle Talking About Making 127 Hours and Aron Ralston at London Film Festival

Watch James Franco Talk Inspiration, Playing Aron Ralston and 127 Hours At the London Film Festival

Yesterday, James Franco and Danny Boyle discussed their new movie 127 Hours at a press conference in London before heading to the premiere, which closed the festival. I attended and they were both engaging as they talked about the project, which tells the true story of charismatic Aron Ralston, who had to cut his own arm off while trapped in order to survive. Check out the trailer, it's an incredible story — here's what they had to say about the making of the film, which is released in January in the UK.

James on British director Danny:

To hear more from James about Aron and how he readied himself for the role, plus what Danny would be prepared to do in Aron's situation, just read more.

James on how he prepared for the role:

Danny on whether he'd cut his arm off in order to live:

James on telling Aron why he wanted to play him:

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