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What Happens to Ezekiel in The Walking Dead Comic Books?

Wondering What Happens to King Ezekiel in The Walking Dead's Comics?

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We've only just met the charismatic King Ezekiel on The Walking Dead, but he's already made a pretty huge impression. In the second episode of season seven, Carol and Morgan meet the leader at a new community called the Kingdom. This settlement is a little more rose-tinted than Rick's Alexandria or Negan's Sanctuary. In fact, Carol insists Ezekiel is selling his people a fairy tale. But as we know in the universe of The Walking Dead, nothing stays pristine for too long. If you can't wait to see what becomes of the show's newest addition, we're outlining everything that happens in The Walking Dead comic books.

Now, we know from this week's episode that King Ezekiel is well acquainted with the Saviors. In fact, he's already participating in Negan's infamous "arrangement," where his men come and take a share of nearby groups' supplies on a frequent basis. In the comic books, King Ezekiel becomes romantically entangled with Michonne. He also teams up with Rick and the members of the Hilltop community to take Negan and the Saviors down. Together, they launch a massive attack on the Saviors' main compound, but they're quickly overwhelmed by Negan's men. After the attack, Ezekiel attempts to overtake another Savior compound and tragically loses Shiva to a hoard of walkers.

As the casualties pile up in the brutal war with the Saviors, Ezekiel loses his footing as a leader. He spirals into a depression. He eventually recovers in time to help everyone fight off the Saviors when they attack Hilltop. This is the last big battle between all the groups once Negan is finally taken into custody. King Ezekiel returns home to the Kingdom, and Michonne goes along with him.

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So, how does King Ezekiel meet his tragic end? At one point, Michonne leaves him, and upon hearing that her feelings for him are still there, Ezekiel goes after her. Ezekiel eventually encounters Alpha, the leader of a terrifying new group called the Whisperers. Alpha decapitates Ezekiel and puts his head on a wooden stake. He's later discovered by Rick and the rest of the group.

As a side note, the Whisperers might be coming to the show sooner than we think. They're actually pretty far off in terms of the comics, but as we've learned, the show sometimes does things differently. Diehard fans were quick to call out the connection when the show's official Instagram posted a snap of a severed head on a stake just before the season seven premiere. What's more, doesn't the snap look eerily like the frame of Ezekiel's head in the comics?!

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If you thought that was the end of Ezekiel's nightmare, there's just a bit more. Perhaps the most tragic part is that Ezekiel's head reanimates while it's on the stake. So, when everyone encounters him, his head has become that of a walker's. Michonne, overwhelmed with emotion, can't bring herself to finish him off. So, Andrea (who's still alive in the comics) steps forward and does it instead. So, there you have it! King Ezekiel may be selling a fairy tale now, but there's a high chance his death will be just as bleak as the rest of the apocalypse.

Image Source: AMC
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