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What To Sky+: Friday

  • BBC1 has more wedding fun(!?) in Eastenders, along with Would I Lie To You? and Comedy Connections
  • BBC2 kicks off series 2 of The Tudors
  • ITV has movie special X-Files: I Want To Believe and The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • ITV2 has iTunes Festival, The Office: An American Workplace and America's Got Talent
  • Ch4 has Big Brother and The Kevin Bishop Show
  • E4 has Gilmore Girls
    More4 has The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and Live From Abbey Road with Def Leppard and Matchbox Twenty
  • FX has The Colbert Report and Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Sky Classics has Panic In The Streets and Sky Indie has Shooting Fish
  • BBC4 has Marc Bolan: The Final Word and Neil Diamond at Glastonbury
  • Film4 has Shopgirl with Clare Danes
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