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What To Sky+: Monday

  • BBC1 has Eastenders and Frida starring Salma Hayek and Alfred Molina
  • BBC2 has Return To... Castaway and Dragons' Den
  • BBC3 has When Beauty Goes Wrong with Konnie Huq and The Mighty Boosh
  • ITV2 has iTunes Festival with Suzanne Vega and McFly, The Office: An American Workplace and Latitude with Sigur Ros and Interpol
  • Ch4 has Big Brother and Walliams and Lucas: New Heroes Of Comedy
  • E4 has One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls
    More4 has The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
  • FX has The Wire and The Colbert Report
  • Living has Make Me A Supermodel US
  • Sky Premiere has The Incredibles, Sky Modern Greats has Last Action Hero and Sky Indie has Volver
  • Film4 has Night Train To Munich
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