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What To Sky+: Monday

  • BBC1 has a new series of Spooks and The Dark Side Of Fame with Piers Morgan featuring Chantelle Houghton
  • BBC2 has Dragon's Den: Outside The Den and BBC Electric Proms Highlights
  • BBC3 has Celebrity Scissorhands
  • ITV2 has a repeat of Britannia High, Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter and Hell's Kitchen USA
  • E4 has new "zombies in the Big Brother house" series Dead Set
    More4 has The Daily Show: Global Edition
  • Fiver has Dirty Dancing
  • Sky Premiere has Michael Clayton, Sky Indie has London To Brighton, Sky Comedy has Just My Luck
  • BBC4 has Storyville: When Borat Came To Town
  • Film4 has Oldboy
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