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What To Sky+: Sunday

  • BBC1 has Fiona's Story starring Gina McKee and Jeremy Northam and Half Nelson starring Ryan Gosling
  • BBC2 has The Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie, Metallica: A Culture Show Special and Chopper starring Eric Bana
  • BBC3 has new series Don't Tell The Bride and Spooks: Code 9
  • ITV1 has Out Of Africa starring Meryl Streep
  • Ch4 has Wife Swap, Big Brother and Final Destination 2
  • E4 has Big Brother's Little Brother
    More4 has Father Ted
  • Sky One has new series Hairspray: The School Musical and Gladiators: The Legends Return featuring old favourites like Wolf
  • Sky Modern Greats has The Truman Show, Sky Drama has Munich
  • FX has Dexter
  • BBC4 has My New Best Friend and Proms On Four
  • Film4 has Batman
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