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What To Sky+: Thursday

  • BBC2 has The Graham Norton Show and The Culture Show Uncut
  • BBC3 has a Summer Heights High catch-up
  • ITV2 has new Gossip Girl
  • Ch4 has new Gok's Fashion Fix with Alexa Chung, Big Brother and Jake's Adventures In Dollywood
  • E4 has Gilmore Girls and Scrubs
  • Five has House and Grey's Anatomy
  • Sky One has Project Runway's series finale with Victoria Beckham
  • Sky Modern Greats has The Truman Show and Sky Sci-Fi/Horror has Alien Autopsy
  • To see our picks for even more channels just read more

  • Dave has Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America
  • E! has E! News Live
  • ITV3 has The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Film4 has Sahara and I Was A Male War Bride
  • Biography has Cameron Diaz and Sacha Baron Cohen
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