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What To Sky+: Thursday

  • BBC1 has Sean and Rory's wedding day in Eastenders and Colin Jackson: The Making Of Me
  • BBC2 has Return To... Castaway, Mock The Week and Never Mind The Buzzcocks
  • BBC3 has Britain's Next Missing Top Model and Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor
  • ITV1 has Harley Street
  • ITV2 has iTunes Festival with Cage The Elephant, McFly and Pendulum, and 8 Mile with Eminem
  • Ch4 has Gok's Fashion Fix, Big Brother, The Charlotte Church Show and My Name Is Earl
  • Five has Grey's Anatomy and new series My Strange Brain
  • Sky Comedy has Stick It and Sky Family has Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves
  • Film4 has Clueless with Alicia Silverstone
  • UKTV Gold has When Were We Funniest? with Martin Freeman
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