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What To Sky+: Thursday

  • BBC1 has Kilimanjaro — the Big Red Nose Climb and Comic Relief Does the Apprentice
  • BBC2 has Jimmy Doherty in Darwin's Garden and Darwin's Dangerous Idea
  • BBC4 has new series I've Never Seen Star Wars
  • ITV1 has Billy Connolly: Journey to the Edge of the World and Dexter
  • ITV2 has American Idol and Paris Hilton's British Best Friend
  • Ch4 has Ten Years Younger
  • E4 has Skins and My Name Is Earl
    More4 has ER and Brothers and Sisters
  • Living has Jade's Wedding and Grey's Anatomy
  • Sky1 has a new series of Law & Order
  • Sky Drama has Footloose
    Sky Sci-Fi/Horror has X-Men
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