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What To Sky+: Tuesday

  • BBC1 has Mutual Friends and The Peacemaker starring George Clooney
  • BBC2 has MasterChef: The Professionals and Maestro
  • BBC3 has Driving Mum and Dad Mad and How Not to Live Your Life
  • ITV2 has new series CelebAir and Jurassic Park
  • Ch4 has Big Brother Eviction Show, The Secret Millionaire and Reaper
  • E4 has Big Mouth with Davina
    More4 has True Stories: Four Wives, One Man
  • Sky One has a new series of Prison Break, new American Gladiators and new Inside: Teen Lockdown
  • Sky Modern Great has Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Sky Indie has Curse Of The Golden Flower
  • BBC4 has The Quatermass Experiment starring David Tennant and Jason Flemyng
  • Film4 has Quills starring Geoffrey Rush, Joaquin Phoenix and Kate Winslet
  • Virgin1 has Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert starring Guy Pearce
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