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What To Sky+: Wednesday

  • BBC1 has Wimbledon 2008
  • BBC2 has new Tribal Wives and Dara O'Brien puts Gillian McKeith into Room 101
  • BBC3 has new Snog Marry Avoid?
  • ITV2 has Along Came Polly with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston
  • Ch4 has new Location, Location, Location, Big Brother, and Wife Swap USA
  • E4 has Shameless, Gilmore Girls and BBLB
  • Sky One has The Simpsons
  • Sky Indie has Pecker, Sky Drama has Dreamgirls and Sky Comedy has Just My Luck
  • To see our picks for even more channels just read more

  • Paramount 2 has The Office: An American Workplace
  • FX has The Colbert Report
  • E! has E! News Live
  • has Jews: The Next Generation
  • Film4 has Kagemusha
  • Biography has Billy Ray Cyrus and Brad Pitt
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