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What To Sky+: Wednesday

  • BBC1 has Celebrity Masterchef and Dirty Pretty Things
  • BBC2 has Burn Up an "eco-drama" starring Bradley Whitford and Neve Campbell and a repeat of Long Way Round
  • BBC3 has Make My Body Younger and Summer Heights High
  • ITV has Marco's Great British Feast and iTunes Festival
  • ITV2 has The Office: An American Workplace with Steve Carell
  • Ch4 has Location, Location, Location, Big Brother and Wife Swap USA
  • E4 has Gilmore Girls and Big Brother's Little Brother
    More4 has The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
  • Sky Comedy has Trading Places, Sky Family has Night At The Museum and Sky Indie has Marie Antoinette
  • Paramount has The Sarah Silverman Programme and Sex And The City
  • Film4 has The School Of Rock with Jack Black and Miranda Cosgrove
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