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What To Sky+: Wednesday

  • BBC1 has Olympics 2008 and new series Who Do You Think You Are? with Patsy Kensit in tonight's episode
  • BBC2 has Return to ... The Cruise and The Edinburgh Festival Show
  • BBC3 has Olympic Football
  • BBC4 has A Very British Olympics
  • ITV1 has Trinny & Susannah Undress The Nation
  • Ch4 has new series How Clean Is Your House? plus Big Brother and Dangerous Jobs For Girls
  • Five has Britain's Strongest Man and new series Rory & Paddy's Great British Adventure. Fiver has Fashionista Diaries
  • Living has Diet on the Dancefloor
  • Sky One has Don't Forget The Lyrics US
  • Sky Modern Greats has Saturday Night Fever
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