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What To Sky+: Wednesday

  • BBC1 has new Who Do You Think You Are? with Esther Rantzen and series four of Medium begins
  • BBC2 has MasterChef: The Professionals and Natural World: Spectacled Bears narrated by Stephen Fry
  • has new series Lost In Austen and Numb3rs
  • Ch4 has How Clean Is Your House?, Big Brother and Desperate Housewives
  • E4 has Big Brother's Little Brother and Big Mouth with Davina
    More4 has The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The IT Crowd
  • Fiver has Fashionista Diaries
  • FX has The Colbert Report
  • Sky Modern Greats has A Fish Called Wanda, Sky Drama has Little Children and Sky Action/Thriller has Platoon
  • Film4 has Trainspotting
  • Virgin1 has The Riches
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