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What to Sky+: Wednesday 5 March 2008

What to Sky+: Wednesday

  • BBC2 has a catch up of Torchwood
  • BBC3 is new with Torchwood and has Mrs In-Betweeny
  • BBC4 is new with The Worlds of Fantasy
  • ITV1 is new with Rock Rivals
  • ITV2 has a catch up of Coleen's Real Women
  • ITV3 has a double-bill of The Wonder Years
  • ITV4 is new with Cristiano Ronaldo: the Story So Far
  • Channel 4 is new with Relocation, Relocation, Grand Designs Revisited, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA and Shameless
  • E4 is new with Reaper and has a catch up of Skins
  • Five US is showing their NBA Game of the Week
  • Sky One is new with Project Catwalk
  • Sky Comedy has 10 Things I Hate About You, Sky Indie has Brokeback Mountain, Sky Family has March of the Penguins and Sky Modern Greats has Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • To see our picks for even more channels just read more

  • Paramount 1 has four episodes of Scrubs and a double-bill of Sex and the City
  • Paramount 2 has Frasier
  • Dave has Dragons' Den and QI
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