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What's On TV on Thursday 1 May 2008

What to Sky+: Thursday

  • BBC1 is new with The Invisibles
  • BBC2 is new with Heroes, Heroes Unmasked and The Graham Norton Show, with Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers and Sandi Thom
  • BBC3 is new with the next episode of Heroes
  • ITV2 is new with American Idol, Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter, Gossip Girl, Entourage and The Office: An American Workplace
  • Channel 4 is new with My Name is Earl. More4 is new with ER
  • Five is new with House and Grey's Anatomy
  • Sky One is new with Project Runway
  • Virgin1 has Hustle
  • Living is new with Boston Legal
  • Sky Modern Greats has Paper Moon
    Sky Indie has Manhattan
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