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What's on the Videotape in American Horror Story: Roanoke?

6 Horrifying Things We Learned on American Horror Story This Week

Episode two of American Horror Story is a doozy. There are witches? ghosts? in the woods, twitching pig tails pinned to walls, and, of course, an ominous presence promising to kill everyone in the house. Then there are the nurses. The terrifyingly chipper, evil nurses. Where did they come from? What did they want? Thankfully, there was the very helpful video in the cellar to explain. Here's a breakdown of everything we learned from the video that Matt and Shelby watch:

  1. The farmhouse has a long and terrifying history.
  2. The man in the video, the house's previous tenant, Dr. Elias Cunningham, believes it contains a malevolent force that haunts your dreams and then progresses to actual physical violence.
  3. Dr. Cunningham had discovered this when he moved to the house to research a true-crime novel about the house's previous tenants, two sisters, Miranda and Bridget Jane.
  4. Miranda and Bridget Jane were assisted living facility nurses who fled to the farmhouse after murdering elderly patients at their previous job.
  5. They then set up their own facility in the farmhouse and began murdering the residents, using the first letters of their names to write out their favourite word — murder — on the living room wall.
  6. They disappeared before the word could be completed, however. Strangely, the word kept reappearing each time it was cleaned off the wall.

Spooky stuff. Even spookier, there's one letter left to complete the word, which is currently stuck at "MURDE." We can't help but wonder who the next unlucky victim will be . . .

Image Source: FX
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