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What Is The Walking Dead Red Machete?

In Case You Missed It, Here's What The Walking Dead: Red Machete Is All About

Fans of The Walking Dead have just as voracious an appetite for more as any zombie we've yet to see on the show — except maybe the well-dwelling walker from season two, because that thing was hangry. So, to satisfy all the crowd cravings for more undead drama, AMC has not only launched a prequel series in Fear the Walking Dead, but they also like to throw in some mini episodes that loosely or even directly connect to events of the full series in fun little ways.

The latest is The Walking Dead: Red Machete, a new series of short videos that centres on the origin and history (read: kill count) of the savage red machete that Rick Grimes uses to kill Terminus tyrant Gareth in season five.

What starts out as an innocuous piece of garden equipment left on a rack at an infested store called Gerald's Hardware becomes the centrepiece of a lot of terrible scenes — from one young, innocent little girl being scooped up and devoured by zeds to a man getting too comfortable with his new weapon and becoming lunch as a result of it.

Red Machete will consist of five short segments in all, which is a similar episodic length as most of its predecessors.

The very first series of shorts was launched by producer Greg Nicotero in 2011 and was called Torn Apart. The micro series features the untold tale of Hannah (aka "The Bicycle Girl" from the pilot). She's the very first zombie Rick encounters who, it turns out, has a much more interesting story than just being some half-decayed biter.

The second, Cold Storage, dropped a year later and features a survivor who happens to stumble into Sheriff Rick's old storage unit with photos of much simpler times for all the Grimeses (RIP Lori). Third up is an absolutely awful scene about the first walker wave of the same hospital that bore the infamous "DON'T OPEN, DEAD INSIDE" warning line painted on the doors.

The other two, titled Flight 462 and Passage, are significantly longer and cross over into the timeline of Fear the Walking Dead with establishment stories of the initial reactions to the zombie outbreak in the sky and the desert terrain, respectively.

With Red Machete, we still haven't learned how and why the title weapon will find its way into the Terminus station's most vile villain, but, judging by the ghastly transfer tactics we've seen already, it isn't going to be a pleasant inheritance in the least.

But then again, what do you possibly expect from a pseudo show completely devoted to Michael Myers's slasher weapon of choice? They don't call it the red machete just for its handle hue, guys.

Image Source: AMC
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