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When Are the Stark Kids Together on Game of Thrones?

All the Game of Thrones Reunions That Could Be Coming

Sansa Stark and Jon Snow's reunion was touching for all of us on Team Stark, as we've been waiting and waiting for moments such as this — especially after some near misses along the way. It got us thinking: when have the Starks crossed paths, or almost crossed paths, on Game of Thrones?

A quick note: Jon may or may not be a Stark, but he is for all intents and purposes one of the Stark siblings — he even has one of the direwolves. So in our hearts, and the hearts of the other Starks, he will always be one of them in some form.

When did we last see the Starks together?

The Stark siblings have their big split on season one, when Jon Snow leaves for the Wall and Ned Stark takes Sansa and Arya south to King's Landing.

  • Arya and Sansa are last seen together in King's Landing, before Arya is saved by Syrio Forel and then taken from King's Landing by Yoren of the Night's Watch, following her father's beheading.
  • Bran and Rickon separate when Bran continues north to meet the Three Eyed Crow, the old man who helps him see those flashbacks we are so excited about. Meanwhile, Rickon goes with Osha, only to be handed over to Ramsay Bolton in season six.
  • Robb Stark and Catelyn separate from the rest when they go off to fight the war (with some back and forth on Catelyn's part), only to be slaughtered during The Red Wedding.

When do the Starks almost cross paths?

  • Arya and Sansa are both at the Eyrie and could have easily met again, but Arya and Sandor Clegane (aka The Hound) turn away from that opportunity.
  • Bran and Jon almost meet, but Bran chooses not to reveal himself at Craster's Keep on season three.
  • Arya almost meets with Robb Stark and Catelyn at The Twins (The Red Wedding), also on the third season.
  • With Brienne of Tarth finding both Arya and Sansa, this is another near miss for the sisters to be reunited. Arya and The Hound don't know Brienne to be trustworthy, and they mess up this opportunity for a reunion in season four.

Will they meet again?

Now that Sansa and Jon Snow are back together and we all loved it, we have to imagine (and hope) that the show will give us other amazing Stark reunions. How could these reunions possibly come to pass?

  • Arya is still training in Essos (Bravos) but is becoming quite a fighter and may certainly have a role to play in the final wars of Westeros. The question is whether she'll abandon her new status as "no one" to help her siblings.
  • Rickon is given to Ramsay Snow in season six and used as a threat from Ramsay Bolton against Jon Snow and Sansa. Given the ending of season six's fourth episode, with Jon agreeing that it's time to stop Ramsay, we can hope Rickon will soon be joining Jon and Sansa. Let's just hope Ramsay doesn't kill him first.
  • Bran is told by the Three Eyed Crow that he will not stay hidden underground forever and that he will have a role to play in the coming war (presumably between the White Walkers and the living). We imagine Bran will eventually reunite with whichever of his siblings are still alive at that point.

Stay tuned for a potential deadly and amazing family reunion! It will unfortunately not have Catelyn involved (while the book version of this certainly could in the form of Lady Stoneheart) but will hopefully have the siblings kicking butt.

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