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Where Can I Watch American Horror Story: Cult UK?

Here's Where You Can Watch American Horror Story: Cult in the UK

Tonight 10PM. We're in your head. #AHSCult #AHSFX

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The new season of American Horror Story premiered in the US on Tuesday, and clearly the entertainment world hasn't been OK or slept since. We've got all the theories you could ever want about the show . . . now you need to be able to actually watch it. But, of course, being in the UK doesn't make it as easy as it is for our friends across the pond.

The new season can be found on Fox UK, Sky, and Now TV. The premiere airs Friday Sept 8. at 10 p.m., so get your "Record" button ready and possibly grab a friend to hide behind. Whilst waiting for each new weekly episode, why not binge the first five seasons on Netflix and the sixth season, Roanoke, on Amazon Prime?

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