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Who Are Ozzy's Real Parents on American Horror Story Cult?

Who Are Ozzy's Real Parents on American Horror Story? Here's 1 Crazy Theory

The following contains spoilers for American Horror Story season seven.

The premiere of American Horror Story: Cult introduces us to a seemingly sweet and stable family whose lives are changed following the 2016 election. There's the level-headed Ivy Mayfair-Richards (Alison Pill) and her wife Ally (Sarah Paulson), who is grappling with her crippling anxiety and many phobias that have all been heightened since the unexpected election of Donald Trump. Ivy and Ally are also parents to a young son, Ozzy. One exchange in the premiere, however, raises doubts about Ozzy's biological parents.

Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd), the sister of crazed Trump fanatic Kai Anderson (Evan Peters), is hired as Ozzy's babysitter. Shortly thereafter, it's revealed that she probably has some ulterior motives. Her first night on the job, Winter questions Ozzy about who carried him as a baby. "I forgot. Maybe they never told me," Ozzy replies. When Winter presses him about his potential biological father, Ozzy says, "I'm supposed to say, 'Every family is special in their own way.'" Though Winter changes the subject, it's a telling exchange that the show will certainly revisit at a later time.

For now, however, fans are casting their predictions. On Reddit, one theory suggests that Ozzy's father could be this season's villain: Kai. OK — we know this would be an incredibly dark outcome, but this is American Horror Story, after all, and the theory is surprisingly plausible.

For starters, Ozzy does bear a resemblance to both Ivy and Kai. It's likely that Ivy carried Ozzy due to Ally's long-lasting mental health issues. There's the possibility that Kai was simply the sperm donor, and then there's a more sinister possibility. A popular theory currently floating around posits that Ivy is secretly working with Kai and the creepy clown squad — hence why she's always minimising Ally's fears, trying to disprove her clown sightings, and pushing her to take her prescription medication. Taking it a step further, perhaps Ivy is also somehow in a romantic relationship with Kai and the two conceived naturally.

Ivy & Kai secret love child = oz from AmericanHorrorStory

We know it sounds unbelievable, but we really can't stress enough how batsh*t crazy American Horror Story can get. In the meantime, we'll continue to look for clues regarding this impending reveal.

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