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Who Is Slowen-Lo in Star Wars The Last Jedi?

What to Know About Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Tiny Last Jedi Character, Slowen-Lo

Minor spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi below!

We have to hand it to Star Wars: The Last Jedi — the movie really upped its game in terms of celebrity cameos this time around. There's one sequence in the film in particular that features a handful of eye-catching A-list characters, and it comes about halfway through The Last Jedi's two and a half hour runtime.

Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong'o) instructs dynamic duo Finn (John Boyega) and Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) to find a master codebreaker (aka a "slicer") to help them take down one of the First Order's ships. When they finally do find the slicer in a Canto Bight casino, he's played by a mustachioed Justin Theroux. That same scene also features a small (and adorable) cameo from Carrie Fisher's dog, Gary Fisher, who's CGI'd to look like an alien.

On top of those surprise appearances, Canto Bight's casino is also the place where we meet a character named Slowen-Lo, voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gordon-Levitt has appeared in all of director Rian Johnson's previous films thus far, starring in Brick and Looper and nabbing a small cameo in his 2008 film The Brothers Bloom. Although there's not much out there about Slowen-Lo, we do know that the creature's name is a nod to Beastie Boys song "Slow and Low." There are two other characters in Star Wars that hold a similar distinction: TFA fighter pilot Ello Asty is a nod to "Hello Nasty" and Jakku resident Ilco Munica is a play on "Ill Communication."

We have a feeling Slowen-Lo is the small, goblin-esque creature that accosts BB-8 in the casino, drunkenly and angrily confusing the droid for a slot machine. Regardless of who Slowen-Lo really is, Star Wars fanboy Gordon-Levitt was thrilled to be a part of Johnson's masterpiece.

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