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Why Do Jonathan and Nancy Have Scars on Stranger Things?

A Reminder of How Jonathan and Nancy Got Those Scars on Stranger Things

In the second season of Stranger Things, Nancy and Jonathan are closer than ever. The two have been through quite the journey: in season one, they join forces in an attempt to fell the scary Demogorgon monster. And while Nancy and Steve end up together in the season one finale, there's an undeniable and lingering sense that Jonathan and Nancy belong together. Season two does an incredible job of cementing their bond and proving they're meant to be.

I don't want to spoil where the two end up by the time season two comes to a close, but there's one interesting moment that might inspire confusion as much as it does adoration. In the new bank of episodes, Jonathan and Nancy join forces yet again — with the help of wacky conspiracy theorist Murray — this time to expose Hawkins Lab and put an end to their evil deeds for good. Along the way, they spend a night in a motel room, where they compare two identical scars on their hands. Did you forget where they got them? It all goes back to their first go-around as a heroic duo.

In the season one finale, Jonathan and Nancy decide to set a trap for the Demogorgon. They make weapons, including Steve's infamous mace-like baseball bat that has a bunch of nails sticking out of the end. Nancy and Jonathan then rig the Byers residence with a bear trap and a whole lot of highly flammable gas. The goal is to catch the Demogorgon in the trap by any means necessary and then set it on fire. But first, they have to lure it in.

Nancy's the one who posits that the Demogorgon can smell blood (and that's how it found Barb), so the pair decide to use their own to do the trick. Each of them makes a deep cut in the palm of their hand, and lo and behold, it works! The Demogorgon shows up, and after a mishap and some help from Steve, they do some pretty critical damage to the otherworldly monster. You could argue that this critical encounter left the Demogorgon weak enough for Eleven to finish the job.

The scars are a symbol of Jonathan and Nancy's history. They've been through so much and seen so much together. They've bled for each other. When they compare these healed-up scars in season two, it's a sweet and powerful reminder that, no matter what happens or where their lives may take them, they will always be permanently connected. Damn, this show really hits the nail on the head sometimes.

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