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Zac and Dylan Efron Shirtless Instagram Photos February 2019

Zac Efron's Shirtless Photos With His Brother Suddenly Have Us Feeling Very Thirsty

It may be Zac Efron's brother's birthday, but the actor's tribute is a gift to all of us. On Wednesday, Zac posted an Instagram album of sexy shirtless photos of him and his younger brother, Dylan, wrestling under a waterfall. Are you feeling thirsty all of a sudden? Same. Since we're being honest here, we have to admit we almost didn't notice Zac's sweet message, because we were too distracted by the snaps. Seriously, how many ways can someone flex their muscles?

"Happy birthday @dylanefron! Honestly, I never in my wildest dreams, would've thought that the little terror, devil, monster that was my little brother would turn into my very best friend," Zac wrote. "I'm so proud of the man you are today. Let's save the world together- one waterfall at a time. Love ya little brother!" If you can't get enough of Zac and Dylan, here they are again all shirtless and sexy in Mexico.

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