Get to Know Angus Cloud — 9 Facts About the "Euphoria" Breakout Star

Getty | Jeff Kravitz

The world first met Angus Cloud when he made his onscreen debut in season one of "Euphoria." The California native never had dreams of acting, but after a chance encounter, he found himself at the centre of one of the biggest shows currently airing. Since then, the 20-something has only gained popularity and fans.

Thanks to his offscreen humour, his charming lease on life, and his love for his "Euphoria" costars, he's won over the hearts of pretty much everyone. His calendar's chock-full of new acting roles, red carpets, and appearances at major events like Fashion Week, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you haven't yet fallen in love with him — or even if you have — these fun facts about the star will surely sway you.


He Was Discovered on the Street in NYC

Though Angus Cloud went to a performing arts high school in Oakland, CA, he didn't actually have a focus on acting. Instead, he studied behind-the-scenes spots in the theatre program. He told The Wall Street Journal in 2019 that when he was approached by a casting agent in New York, he thought it was a scam. "She asked me if I would be down to do an audition, but she didn't exactly say what it was for," he says. It turns out it was an audition for "Euphoria," and the rest is history.


He Won't Reveal His Birthday

Though Google might give you an answer for what Angus Cloud's birthday is, it's most likely wrong. The actor told Glamour in February that he wants to keep his birthday under wraps so people won't judge him based on his zodiac.


He Went to the Same High School as Zendaya

Angus Cloud and Zendaya are Oakland natives, and both attended the Bay Area's Oakland School For the Arts. He told The Wall Street Journal in 2019, "We had some of the same friends I guess, but I didn't really know her." Zendaya went on to graduate from a different high school, though. According to The Washington Post, she graduated from Oak Park High School in Southern California in 2015.


His Favourite Rom-Com Is "Shrek"

Angus Cloud can't really say he's much of a fan of rom-coms, but he did tell Bustle that his favourite is "Shrek." "I don't really know any rom-coms off of the top of my head," he said before throwing out "Shrek" as his answer.


He Used to Work at a Chicken and Waffles Spot in Brooklyn

After graduating high school in Oakland, Angus Cloud moved to New York City. Before he was discovered by a casting agent, he told NME, he was slinging chicken and waffles in Brooklyn.


He Runs His Own Social Media . . . Probably

Depending on the day, Angus Cloud may have a different answer for his social media habits. He told Bustle in January that he doesn't "use Twitter" and told InStyle much the same in February. However, his management told Bustle that the actor is in charge of all of his socials, including his vibrant live-tweeting of "Euphoria."


He Loves to Skateboard

In an interview with fellow actor Chase Sui Wonders, Angus Cloud revealed that he used to be big into skateboarding at home in Oakland. Though he doesn't do it as much anymore, he said he once did and wondered why more girls didn't skate. Wonders opened up about also being a fan of it, which made Cloud happy to hear.


He Relates to His "Euphoria" Character

Though Angus Cloud has said on more than one occasion that he and Fezco are not the same person — they just sound the same — he does have experience with the addiction aspect of "Euphoria." In a candid interview with Complex, Cloud opened up about how addiction has impacted his life. "But there are studies of the brain that this kind of addiction overcomes and it takes over your brain, so it's almost a mental type of disease and it will take over your life, it will ruin your life," he shared. "I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies, I have lost friends to that shit, you feel me?"


He Has Conflicting Feelings About His Fame

In nearly every interview with Angus Cloud that you come across, he mentions something about making up answers to questions to make things interesting (and give away less information) and also notes how much he misses his normal life, despite being grateful for his newfound fame. "Can't never go back to being a regular person that nobody gives a f*ck about," he told Highsnobiety, adding: "Everyone's cool, but I don't like feeling more special than other people. I'm not better than nobody. It just feels weird to be treated like I'm important."