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Barack Obama Talks Michelle Going Viral on Inauguration Day

Here's Barack Obama's Reaction to Michelle Going Viral on Inauguration Day

The MahoganyBooks & Very Smart Brothas Book Club Discussion

Black-owned independent bookstores play a critical role in communities all across our country. I wanted to show my support, so I dropped in to surprise the folks from the MahoganyBooks & Very Smart Brothas Book Club. Take a look.

Posted by Barack Obama on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Barack Obama is quickly becoming the king of surprises. After surprising a fan on Jimmy Kimmel Live in November, the former president returned to his antics by dropping in on a virtual meeting between MahoganyBooks and the Very Smart Brothas Book Club to show his support for Black-owned independent bookstores. On Tuesday, Barack shared a Facebook video from the event — which took place on 26 Jan. and was focussed on his latest memoir, A Promised Land — in which he answered a variety of questions, from how he managed to maintain "a tremendous sense of optimism" during his presidency to how he felt about Michelle going viral on Inauguration Day.

"I don't know what it is about y'all, with Michelle and her belts," he said. "I asked Michelle about it at dinner the other night. I said, 'Listen baby, you are gorgeous. You know, I understand completely why you are a fashion icon.' But, I said, 'Was your hair different? 'Cause it didn't look that different.' . . . Anyway, so I don't have an answer other than just knowing she looks good and looks better than me." See what else Barack had to say during the meeting in the video above.

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