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Watch Brad Pitt's Weather Report During Some Good News

Brad Pitt's 8-Second Stint as a Weatherman Begs the Question: Did He Miss His Calling?

Brad Pitt may have missed his calling. Though the whole acting thing has worked out quite nicely for him, it came at the cost of his superior ability to report on the weather. During the recent fourth episode of John Krasinski's uplifting YouTube series, Some Good News, Brad was tapped to deliver his shortest performance since Thelma & Louise.

At around 6:48 in the video above, John stops to ask, "We should do a check on the weather. Brad, how's it looking out there?" Suddenly, from his scenic retreat somewhere in Los Angeles, Brad pops out his newsboy-capped head to declare, "Looks, uh, pretty good." He then takes a quiet, reflective look around and adds, "Yeah." Wow. As they say in Hollywood, "There are no small parts, only small actors."

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