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Cardi B Face Covered in Bodysuit at Paris Fashion Week Video

I'm Literally Cackling at Cardi B Strutting in This Full-Blown Bodysuit: "A B*tch Can't See"

Cardi B is taking Paris Fashion Week by storm! On Saturday, the 26-year-old rapper rocked a head-to-toe floral bodysuit — and when we say head-to-toe, we mean it. Her face was fully covered as she posed for pictures and hit her angles in front of the Eiffel Tower. "I heard you b*tches were missing me at Fashion Week New York," she said in a hilarious Instagram video. "I'm here to serve it to you motherf*ckers, and serve it to you cold." Her bodyguard then escorted her through paparazzi and across a street while cameras continued to snap. "Make sure a car don't hit me 'cause a b*tch can't see," she added. Watch the hilarious clip above, then check out more photos of Cardi in Paris!

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