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Watch Dua Lipa Prank People in Disguise on The Ellen Show

Watch a Disguised Dua Lipa Prank Unsuspecting Shoppers Using Her Own Song Lyrics

Ellen DeGeneres's first prank of 2020 definitely does not disappoint. The talk-show host sent Dua Lipa and one of her writers to a World Market store for another "Speak the Lyrics" segment, and wow, does Dua have a strong poker face!

Disguised in a wig and glasses, the pop star approached unsuspecting shoppers and spoke to them solely using lyrics from a few of her popular songs, including "Don't Start Now," "One Kiss," and "New Rules." While some of the strangers offered encourageing responses — one woman sweetly said, "Good for you girl, I love it," when Dua talked about how she "did a full 180" — others were straight-up confused and walked away from her.

Dua kept her cool and didn't break character the whole time, but Ellen's writer Lauren, on the other hand, couldn't help but bust into laughter while attempting to calmly speak the lyrics. Watch the entire segment above, and prepare to LOL just as much as Lauren.

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