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Cheer's Jerry Harris Reacts to Going to the Oscars | Video

Jerry Harris From Netflix's Cheer Is Going to the Oscars, and His Reaction Is Priceless

Your favourite mat-talker is going to the Oscars! That's right, Jerry Harris from Netflix's Cheer will be at Hollywood's biggest night as a red carpet correspondent for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On Feb. 7, Ellen DeGeneres shared a video of the behind-the-scenes moment when Jerry found out the news during a January appearance on the show. After learning thay he'll get to interview celebrities at the award ceremony, the 20-year-old Navarro College cheerleader went into complete shock. "Oh, my gosh!" he excitedly said. And once he found out he'll be styled and prepped too, he completely froze and went speechless. (Someone in the background had to remind him to breathe.)

Jerry first cheered his way into our hearts as one of the featured talents on Netflix's docuseries. He opened up about losing his mother to cancer at a very young age and hopes to make her proud by being on the Navarro squad. Throughout the season, viewers watched Jerry maintain a positive attitude and encourage his teammates while working to earn a spot at the NCA National Championship in Daytona, FL. Thankfully, (*spoiler*) Jerry was able to compete. And, now, he gets to bring his energy to Los Angeles. Above, watch his priceless reaction to attending the Oscars and set a reminder for the special night on Feb. 9 — you won't want to miss Jerry's big debut!

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