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Harry Styles "Falling" Choreography by Kyle Hanagami | Video

This Emotional Choreography Set to Harry Styles's "Falling" Was Inspired by Lost Loved Ones

Dance can communicate a spectrum of emotions, from the highest highs to the lowest lows, and everything in between. Great choreography tells a story, which is exactly what Kyle Hanagami accomplished in his latest routine. The LA choreographer released a new video on Friday that was inspired by the love story between his grandparents.

"When my grandfather passed away, my grandma told me, 'Everyone has a time and whenever my time comes, I will see him again,'" Hanagami shared in the clip. Sadly, he revealed that his grandma had a stroke a few weeks ago. "I didn't know how to deal with it," Hanagami wrote on Instagram. "Sometimes it's easier for me to let my feelings out through my art. This one is for my grandparents. I hope I make them proud and I hope they dance together forever."

Love after loss is the theme of this beautiful piece of art, featuring dancers Adam Vesperman and Ashley Gonzales. "Our love has a way of finding its way back to us," Hanagami shares as a final thought before the dance begins. Watch the emotional performance above, it's well worth any tears.

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