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Hero Fiennes-Tiffin Reveals His Ideal Match

"After Ever Happy" Star Hero Fiennes-Tiffin Is a "Love Island" Fan and Describes His Ideal Match

While there might not be a "Love Island" celebrity edition at the moment, we've got our eyes on the ultimate Islander: Hero Fiennes-Tiffin. The "After Ever Happy" heartthrob sits down with POPSUGAR to talk about the newly-released film, and what he's looking for in a partner — if he ever delves into the reality TV dating world.

Fiennes-Tiffin, 24, says if he were to appear on a celeb "Love Island," he'd seek out "someone fun to be around, someone who is confident, who likes to watch movies, but likes an adventure too and likes to, you know, maybe play some sports, but maybe just like explore, get out, be active and try new things." He laughs that "you literally can't help but sound like someone on 'Love Island' "when answering questions like that. Likely because he's tuned into the hit series: "I did watch a bit of last season's 'Love Island' and it's annoyingly entertaining. I'll give it to them."

One partner whose qualities he's quick to praise? His "After" franchise scene partner, Josephine Langford. Calling Langford "ridiculously smart," he praises her further, saying, "Like she's very, very intelligent, not just like well-read on the world and what's going on, but just like very intelligent. She's really funny."

On top of that, Fiennes-Tiffin says Langford is quick to notice continuity details on-set, and is hyper-aware while filming.

Both, of course, have settled into their roles as Hardin Scott and Tessa Young, though Fiennes-Tiffin says he's never looked to the source material: the "After" book series by Anna Todd. It's a confession he's made before — and there's a reason. "I've been — I wouldn't say grilled by fans, but have had fans, you know, roll their eyes and tut when I [say I] haven't read the books," he explains. "And then when I've been filming any of the movies and read certain aspects of the book — because so much has to change sometimes — I'm like, 'Well I wish I didn't know that.' Or now I'm acting from a place where I understand something that's happened in the books and now I can't get it out of my gut or my head."

He does have a plan to devour Todd's books — when he's done filming the big screen series, which he recently announced will now include a fifth film. Fiennes-Tiffin tells POPSUGAR, "I have made a promise that I'm gonna start and at least read the first one when it's all said and done, but we're not done yet. So that's why I haven't read them yet."

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