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How Many Times Has Dennis Rodman Been Married?

Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Dennis Rodman's Past Wives

How Many Times Has Dennis Rodman Been Married?
Image Source: Getty / Denny Keeler

While The Last Dance focuses on Michael Jordan's life and career, you can't talk about Jordan without touching on his one-time Chicago Bulls teammate, Dennis Rodman. The infamous basketball player has been married three times, and that's not including the women he was linked to without a ring (like Madonna!). Rodman has three children, between his first wife and his third wife, and his second marriage — to Carmen Electra — was famously short-lived and child-free. If you've been watching The Last Dance and are curious to know more about Rodman's marriages, we've got it covered. Keep reading for an overview of Rodman's marital history.

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