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Hugh Jackman Addresses Ryan Reynolds Feud on Late Late Show

Hugh Jackman Doesn't Hold Back as He Addresses Ryan Reynolds Feud: "He’s Gum on My Shoe"

On Thursday, Hugh Jackman appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden to talk about how he's been keeping busy while self-isolating with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, and kids (he's been dancing in the living room, much to the horror of his 14-year-old). Of course, James had to ask about the actor's feud with Ryan Reynolds after his comment on Hugh's anniversary post. As to who started the feud, Hugh stated, "Ryan started it" due to his "insatiable need for attention." Hugh then went on to ask for advice to make the truce permanent, since "truce is not friendship."

If there's one thing that could force Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds into a truce, it's a good cause like the All in Challenge, which benefits five different foundations and charities. As Hugh says, "It's literally something as important as that. That's the only thing that would actually get me to come together and have a truce." Watch the full clip above to see who's allowed to come over to the Furness-Jackman household (hint: it's not Ryan) and hear more about Hugh's upcoming projects.

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